The Pool 2021 is "a return to what Off-Off was originally for[...]" (Helen Shaw for Vulture/New York Magazine)

"Elegant and weird [...] If I see one production as crisp and wonderful as Superstitions, my whole week will be good. It’s something I wish for you as well, so cross your fingers, put a nickel in your left shoe — and go."

Once Upon a Time - a way to play with SUPERSTITIONS (Dan O'Neil, Culturebot)

"...a sparklingly intelligent contribution to the 2021 edition of THE POOL [...] Let's talk about it."

Superstitions with The Pool 2021: "[...] a horror-twinged “Love Actually” (OnStageBlog)

“'Superstitions' grapples with big questions with a witty intrigue that will ultimately leave you breathless: What do we surrender to? What do we succumb to? What shapes are there hiding when we close our eyes? What beliefs leave us buoyed— or suffocated? "

Interview with Hollywood Soapbox: Jump into 'The Pool' at the New Ohio Theatre

"You could say assumptions are another kind of superstition. Much of the DNA of this play came from that overheard conversation, and my own question of, ‘What are we afraid of, and why?’"

The Pool 2021 (New York Times)

"With the return of live theater, many artists have found themselves wondering how they can change the system they work in to make it more sustainable. Enter Kate Cortesi, Brenda Withers and Emily Zemba, the writers behind the 2021 edition of the Pool, a pop-up theater company for which playwrights self-produce their shows."

OUT OF OFFICE  Official Selection of The 2021 Chatanooga Film Festival

Co-created with Emma Wiseman, and supported by the New York State Puppet Festival, this object-puppetry film about the end of the world as we know is like Alien meets Office Space.

Episode 17: Newkirk Avenue

Emily wrote a short audio episode for the The MTA Radio Plays (2021), featuring original composition by the brilliant Avi Amon. Listen here: